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Starting in childhood and throughout our entire lives, we are asked this question. Once I reached 30, the age that my mother had me, I really started to analyze this question. My mother did not expect to become an alcoholic a few years after getting married and starting a family, that I am sure of. Addiction is a disease- one that affects the entire family. As tough as it was for my brother and me- it was even more difficult for my mom. As a kid, I didn’t understand. Why are my parents fighting? Where did my dad go? Why are we moving again? Why won’t my mom wake up? Why are we in the hospital again? So many things were happening in my life that I never even began to understand until an older age. My parents divorced when I was 5, they both battled addiction and felt it was the best choice for them. Not too long after, my mom got hurt at work and never went back. The trauma of these events lead her to drinking daily, and over the years she turned to drinking as her only way to “survive.” I remember listening to a conversation the doctor was having with my grandmother while we were visiting my mom during one of her hospital stays – he told my grandma that my mom would die if she didn’t stop drinking. Hearing that was one of the scariest check out here moments of my life. I remember thinking, well my mom doesn’t want to die so she will stop, and things will be much better when she comes home. I was wrong. It took several more hospital stays, rehab stints, interventions and pleads from her children for my mom to start her path to recovery. She was away from my brother and me for six long months, these months were life changing for her. When my mom was away, she wrote to me about her addiction, and made amends. I watched her put her heart and soul into getting sober and she came back to us as the mother we always knew she could be. The summer she got out of sober living was amazing for my family. We got our mom back, moved into our own place after four years of couch surfing, started a new school and reestablished our family bond.

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how much ecstasy to do